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May 2023

What features to look for in a cheap home loan

What features to look for in a cheap home loan

Are you a new home buyer looking for a home loan provider that offers the cheapest loan? A cheap home loan might be one that offers low rates and fees, but it isn’t the only thing you should be looking for.

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How to have a happy eofy and maximise your tax return

How to have a happy EOFY and maximise your tax return, with ubank

Many young Aussies have been doing it tough financially, which can make tax time hard. So with the End of the Financial Year (EOFY) fast creeping up on 1 July, it’s time to run our finances through a necessary checklist. Are we prepared to file our returns and make the most of it?

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Is buy now pay later putting you at risk

Is Buy Now Pay Later putting you at risk?

Australians have been enthusiastic users of Buy Now Pay Later services, with RFIGlobal research showing that some 40% of Aussies regularly use BNPL as a payment method. Now the BNPL is to be regulated under the National Credit Act, it’s worth considering whether the rewards of Buy Now Pay Later outweigh the risks.

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Mid year property check in tips for prospective homebuyer

Mid-year property check-in: Tips for the prospective homebuyer

When homebuyers enter the market they usually have some ‘ideals’ in mind. For instance, they’re seeking a community, or a view, or quite often, access to transport, schools and shops. But what happens when all the wants are put on the backburner? Suddenly needs become more important and the shortlist, well, shortens.

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Home loan review is it time to refinance

Home loan review: Is it time to refinance?

Borrowers have been feeling the squeeze since RBA began its rate hike spree and many have been trying to find strategies to keep themselves afloat—and refinancing might just be one of the favourites amongst Aussies.

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5 Bad credit card habits you need to break

Once you’ve got a credit card (or multiple credit cards, as may be the case) it can become easy to fall into a pattern of bad habits. With potential for bad credit card card habits to have a long-term impact on your credit score and your ability to borrow in the future. To keep your future finances looking sweet, let’s break those bad habits now!

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Why you should open a high interest savings account

Why you should open a High Interest Savings Account

With recent rate hikes by the Reserve Bank of Australia causing banks to raise their interest rates, borrowers have increasingly felt squeezed. However, if you’re a saver, now might be your time to shine as high interest savings accounts have been bringing in great returns with some savings accounts as high as 5%.

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Online lenders hit home loans with massive rate hikes

Online lenders hit home loans with massive 0.30% - 0.50% rate hikes

The Reserve Bank of Australia surprised the market in May with another 0.25% rate hike, but the market astonishes even more. In the last two days, many online lenders funded by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank have made sweeping changes to their variable offers for new customers, most at or over 0.30% p.a.

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Super saving kids exceeding adults in financial literacy according to kit report

Super saving kids exceeding adults in financial literacy according to Kit report

Kids as young as six years old are showing a remarkable uptick in financial literacy, according to a report by Kit. The study, covering more than 4,000 families, paints a more positive picture of family finance in comparison to the latest HILDA survey—which found each age group experiencing a decline in financial literacy and that adults struggled to answer basic questions about money.

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May 2023 federal budget review

Cost of living, energy, and home loans: recapping the new Federal Budget

After a year of economic turmoil and government shake-ups, the Australian Federal Budget has a steep hill to climb. Pressing issues like the rising cost of living and housing affordability crisis understandably took centre-stage, with major wins for energy, superannuation, and JobSeeker included. But has the budget done enough to relieve money stress for Aussies?

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10 savings tips for your 20s when you love spending money

Whether you want to live it up on a Euro summer trip or just have some extra cash in the bank for a rainy day, saving in your 20s can be tricky. Everyday expenses can add up and you don’t want to sacrifice your social life - money is made to be spent right?

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How to maximise your savings account interest rate

How to maximise your savings account interest rate

There are loads of reasons for wanting to have a healthy stash in your savings account. Whether it's for a rainy day fund or a house deposit, it’s important to grow your savings. One way this can be achieved is by trying to maximise and get the most out of your interest rate.

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May 2023 financial checklist

May 2023 Financial Checklist

May is here – which means that winter is near! And Mother’s Day and the new financial year are just around the corner. Here’s your favourite Financial Checklist to help get you through: May 2023 edition.

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