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June 2024

How to increase the interest on your savings

How to triple the interest on your savings

With inflation at an all time high and the cost of living having a choke-hold on many Australian families, it’s time to think smarter when it comes to making your money work harder for you. So what better time to boost your savings interest rate with a few smart moves that could triple your returns?

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6 Clever ways to maximise your tax refund

Tax time is upon us, and for many Aussies, it's an opportunity to make the most of the money coming back to you. Whether you’re receiving a sizable chunk or just a modest return, there are clever and easy ways to maximise your tax refund and set yourself up for financial success.

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Aldi home insurance the smart way to protect your palace

Is Aldi Home Insurance the smart way to protect your palace?

You’ve no doubt seen all sorts of things on sale at your local Aldi supermarket, especially in the middle aisle, from night vision goggles to industrial meat slicers. So, is it any surprise that you can now buy insurance from Australia’s third-largest grocery retailer?

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Family finances

10 easy ways to make money online and offline

In today's expensive and fast-paced world, finding additional streams of income can be a game-changer. Whether you're looking to grow your savings, pay off debt, or just have some extra cash to enjoy, there are plenty of ways to make money without a full-time job. From the convenience of your home to opportunities around your community, here are 10 simple ways to boost your income both online and offline.

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How to be car loan ready for the eofy car sales

How to be car loan ready for the EOFY car sales

Whether you’ve got your eye on a new electric car model, a family sedan or your dream sports car, the end of financial year (EOFY) is now just around the corner and that means it’s time for EOFY car sales.

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June 2024 financial checklist

June 2024 Financial Checklist

Brrr! It’s time to pull out those woolly jumpers, folks! June has arrived, which means winter is officially here! With a change of seasons, the end of the financial year and school holidays, June’s set to be a mammoth month!

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