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September 2023

How does 1000 grow in a high interest savings account

How does $1000 grow in a high-interest savings account?

When it comes to money goals, a long-term view can lead to larger returns. But why is that? Generally, a mix of compound interest and regular monthly deposits can grow an initial balance of $1000 over a long period of time.

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How to tackle the grand final party budget

How to tackle the Grand Final party budget

It's Grand Final week and what's more important than your snack food budget? Oh sure, you can worry about your team's creativity in attack or the pitch conditions come game time, but we all know the fan's greatest priority.

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Meet michelle bullock the new rba governor

Meet Michele Bullock, the new RBA Governor

The Reserve Bank of Australia – the organisation in charge of Australia’s monetary policy – has had a new change in leadership. Former RBA governor Philip Lowe has been replaced by long-time deputy governor Michele Bullock, who assumed the role on 18 September 2023. She is the first woman to become governor of the RBA.

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Home loans with bonus features you wont want to miss

Home loans with bonus features you won’t want to miss

Whether you’re a first home buyer or looking to refinance, searching for a home loan can get a bit samey. It’s easy to think that once you’ve seen one home loan, you’ve seen them all, with some changes in rates and eligibility.

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Family finances

6 low budget family activities for the holidays

The September school holidays are coming up which means your kids will be home for two whole weeks. If you’re out of ideas on how to keep them occupied during the holiday period, fear not! We have some creative, low budget (or free) activities that will keep the kids happy and allow for some family time!

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Prepare for the bushfire season

Bushfire season: How can Aussies prepare?

With the news of bushfires in the Northern Territory town of Tennant Creek, Aussies might be feeling anxious about what’s in store this summer. Especially after fires hit other areas around the globe, including Hawaii, Canada, Algeria and Greece.

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How much does it really cost to throw a spring wedding

How much does it really cost to throw a spring wedding?

Weddings are said to be the best moment of a person's life, maybe behind the birth of their children, so a budget makes complete sense for this special day. The true cost of a wedding is totally personal, but have you ever wondered what kind of wedding the average Aussie is throwing?

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How can aussies invest in us shares

How can Aussies invest in US shares?

Are you an Australian investor looking to trade shares in the US shares? It’s not hard to see why you’d be interested—McDonald's, Apple, Coca-Cola, and a hundred other recognisable brands all trade on the American stock market. Not only that but getting access to the world's biggest stock markets can help you to diversify your portfolio.

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Financial stress

R U OK? How to cope with financial stress

Financial stress often gets overlooked as a source of anxiety. Money troubles are common enough to experience, but without support or management, the pressure of coping with the cost of living can have a significant physical, emotional, and mental toll on someone’s life.

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Home loan update nab westpac adjust fixed variable rates

Home Loan Update: NAB & Westpac adjust fixed & variable rates

With yet another pause in the cash rate, borrowers may be wondering if their home loan interest rates will remain static. However, some recent changes by two of the big four - NAB and Westpac - show that both fixed and variable rates can have adjustments up and down.

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How to have a bloomin good spring property season

How to have a bloomin’ good spring property season

Spring property season is usually the busiest time of year for home sales. Not only are there more properties on the market, but there are more home loan deals and auctions to wade through. However, with some simple preparation, home buyers can certainly make hay while the sun shines.

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Pick up a top phone plan for 50 and 100 per month

Pick up a top phone plan for $50 to $100 per month

Looking for a phone plan that costs between $50 to $100 per month? There are lots of options. If you want plenty of data, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot. Find out about the plans that are available below.

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Hydro cars to help emissions reach net zero

Hydrogen is here! Hydro cars to help emissions reach net zero by 2050

Electric vehicles have taken well to Aussie roads, with EV sales up 120% since 2022. They are touted as the environmentally friendly option compared to their fuel powered equivalents, but Australian science agency CSIRO has recently come out with a new report about the next big eco car - the hydrogen vehicle.

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Property investment slumps in 2023 says asx

Property investment slumps in 2023, says ASX

Despite residential property investment remaining the second most popular asset for Australians in 2023, there has been a downward trend in the number of people investing in housing, according to the latest Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) report.

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How to score a great phone plan for under 50 per month

How to score a great phone plan for under $50 per month

Your monthly phone bill can impact your bank account, especially if you are paying more than you need to be. While a lot of people still opt to go with one of the major telco providers like Optus, Vodafone or Telstra, you may find that you can get more bang for your buck by switching to a smaller provider.

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Holiday loans more popular with aussies than theyve been in 5 years

Holiday loans more popular with Aussies than they've been in 5 years

After the Euro Summer we just saw, you might be wondering how everyone is affording these grand holidays during a pretty tough economic turndown. If you don’t have a bulked up savings account due to the rising cost of living expenses, don’t give up yet, it could still be you sipping an aperol spritz in Mykonos.

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The unexpected hobby that could help with your cost of living woes

The unexpected hobby that could help with your cost of living woes

With the cost of living continuing to add stress to the daily lives of everyday Aussie families, we’re all looking for ways to save money wherever we can. We’ve looked at ways to save on a budget and ways to earn extra money, but there’s an easy hack that could help you save on your day-to-day expenses: entering competitions.

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Interest rate war is over as lenders make out of cycle rate hike

Interest rate war is over as lenders make out-of-cycle rate hikes

The last two months have seen a pause in the Reserve Bank of Australia’s rate-tightening cycle. With the cash rate held at 4.10%, lenders haven’t faced additional pressure to hike interest rates on their home loans – bringing some relief to mortgage payments. Or so we thought.

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September 2023 financial checklist

September 2023 Financial Checklist

The flowers are out, the weather’s warmer – Spring has sprung! But for those with seasonal allergies, the change in seasons might be a little less welcome. Atchoooo!!

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