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August 2022

Travelex named australia s best prepaid travel card

Travelex named Australia’s best prepaid travel card

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve just announced the winners of the 2023 Mozo Experts Choice Travel Money Awards. Each year, our team of Mozo Expert judges analyse prepaid travel cards to find which are the cream of the crop.

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Love ordering in food delivery apps are rising in popularity

Love ordering in? Food delivery apps are rising in popularity

The popularity of delivery services have skyrocketed of late, especially in New South Wales and Victoria. New Research by Roy Morgan shows that over 7 million Australians aged over 14 (33.4%) now use a meal delivery service in an average three months. This number is up from 3.6 million in early 2020.

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Property prices have fallen so is now a good time to buy in

Property prices have fallen, so is now a good time to buy?

Australian property has had a bumpy year, with falling prices, rising interest rates, and slowing sales leading to an overall cooler market than we started with in 2022. Many buyers have sensed a promising window of opportunity, but is now really a good time to buy in?

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House of the dragon what you need to know and how to stream in australia

Keen for House of the Dragon? How to stream the hot new HBO show in Australia

The game of thrones is back, baby! And Westeros looks better than ever. We’re talking dragons. We’re talking political machinations, mediaeval tourneys, and the horrors of the patriarchy. We’re talking George R.R. Martin’s rich and complex lore brought lovingly to life for the first time in years. Did we mention dragons?

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Top ways to squash your mortgage in 2022

Top ways to squash your mortgage in 2022

Refinancing to a lower rate, making extra repayments and opening an offset account are three of the best ways to reduce your home loan faster, and with interest rates on the rise it’s little wonder so many Aussie mortgage holders are looking to switch and save right now.

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Where are australians travelling in 2022

Where are Australians travelling in 2022?

According to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), New Zealand is the most popular destination for Australians at the moment, with travellers crossing the ditch accounting for 14% of returned residents in July 2022.

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New on amazon prime video

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video in November 2023

Seriously, is there anything that Amazon doesn’t do? To add to Amazon's never-ending list of services is Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s very own video streaming platform that comes free with any Amazon Prime subscription.

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Online lender showdown as new breed takes on originals

Online lender showdown: New breed takes on originals

Online mortgage lenders have been taking on the banks in Australia for more than a decade, bringing low-cost loans, efficiency, and flexibility to an industry sorely in need of a shake-up. And as the popularity of online lenders over traditional banks surges, so too has the number of online options available to savvy borrowers.

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The ultimate father s day shopping guide

The ultimate Father's Day shopping guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching and let’s face it, fathers can be hard to shop for. That’s why we are here to help, with a list of gift suggestions from a range of stores such as Myer, David Jones, The Iconic, Rebel Sport and even Red Balloon and Adrenaline.

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Travel ideas is this the world s best airport to spend a layover

Travel ideas: Is this the world’s best airport to spend a layover?

Dreading a lengthy layover on the way to your next destination? If you’ve got a few hours to spend between flights, there can actually be plenty to see and do during your layover (if you’re in the right place). So, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in-transit through this international airport, you might be in for a treat!

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Quieter property market home buying window

Does a slower property market present a home buying window?

Property auctions have been much quieter lately, amid higher mortgage interest rates, lower consumer confidence and rising inflation. In short, buyers have shied away this winter, most likely due to their financial worries but possibly because it’s also been pretty cold.

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The rba has a new digital currency what does that mean

The RBA has a new digital currency - what does that mean?

This week the Reserve Bank of Australia said it will trial its own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) as a part of a one-year collaborative research project with the Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC) to evaluate the potential value to Aussie consumers and companies.

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New insurance players deliver novel ways to save

Insurance reset: New players deliver novel ways to save

If you've noticed your car, home or pet insurance seems more expensive than it used to be, you're not alone. Floods, supply chain shortages and other woes are driving up the cost of our insurance policy premiums in much the same way as we're all paying more at the petrol pump and supermarket checkout.

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Everything coming to disney

Everything coming to Disney+ in December 2023

Not only is Disney+ (A.K.A the happiest streaming platform in the world) home to all the classic Disney movies we grew up watching, but it’s a one-stop shop for all your fave Marvel flicks, plus loads more. It’s even the exclusive platform for The Kardashians!

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Not everybodys in green car race ferrari record profits

Not everybody’s in the green car race, as Ferrari posts record profits

You’d be forgiven for thinking the whole world was making the switch to electric vehicles with the recent announcement of plans in the EU (and our very own ACT) to phase out the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035. With Ferrari posting record quarterly profits, it seems like that’s not always the case.

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