In the Spotlight... George Sclavos from Alinta Energy

Have you heard of Alinta Energy? Not only does it stand as a real challenger brand to the big three energy companies and supply electricity to five of the six states in Australia, but its Fair Deal 20 plan was recognised twice in the 2016 Mozo Experts Choice Residential Electricity Awards.

We sat down with George Sclavos, East Coast Sales Manager at Alinta Energy, for a greater insight into its award winning product, the effect of energy deregulation on consumers, and what he sees as the future for Alinta over the next few years.

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By Mozo· Wednesday 08 February 2017

The award winning Fair Deal 20 plan

With energy costs taking a significant chunk out of household bills, one of the most important things for consumers is finding a plan with affordable pricing. According to Sclavos in order to pass on cheaper products like the Fair Deal 20 plan - which won in the NSW and SA categories in the Mozo Experts Choice Electricity Awards - Alinta Energy generates and also retails electricity.

“As a national energy supplier, we have an ongoing commitment to make energy more affordable. One of the ways we aim to achieve this is by investing in electricity and gas supply assets across Australia.”

On top of providing an affordable pricing model, Sclavos says its Fair Deal 20 plan which was launched in 2012 comes with no lock in contract.

“We strive to provide our customers with transparent, straightforward electricity plans,” explains Sclavos. “With no hidden surprises, customers know exactly what they’re getting when they sign the contract.”

What energy deregulation means for consumers

A big topic in the energy world over the last few years has been around energy deregulation (e.g the privatisation of the energy market) and whether it actually benefits consumers. So far in Australia four of the six states have been deregulated - SA, QLD, NSW and VIC.

While prices have increased in some markets, particularly in SA due to a combination of policy and power generation changes, Sclavos says the benefit for consumers is deregulation “opens the market up to competition.”

“Over the long term, competition keeps the industry and retailers fitter and encourages suppliers and retailers to focus on customer needs through improved service, value-add initiatives and competitive pricing.”

For customers in deregulated markets, his advice is to ensure they are always checking that they are on the best energy plan. “Many customers are on old energy plans, so you could be missing out on competitive pricing.”

The future for Alinta Energy

So where does Alinta Energy see itself in the next few years? Well, according to Sclavos more growth is part of its plans.

“We have been supplying homes and businesses within Australia with energy since the mid-1990s and are rapidly expanding, now retailing either electricity or gas or both to Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.”

Looking to the future, Sclavos says Alinta Energy also has plans to expand into the recently deregulated Queensland energy market. “Our outlook for the future is very positive and we are very excited for what’s to come.”

George Sclavos is the Sales Manager on the East Coast for residential and small business customers at Alinta Energy. Prior to moving into the mass market space he was the lead for Alinta Energy’s major account managers on the East Coast in the commercial and industrial segment. He is now focused on strategically growing Alinta Energy’s East Coast customer base and ensuring all Alinta Energy’s customers receive not only a great customer experience, but also great value.