How to find the cheapest energy deals in your postcode

Energy bills are a mounting cost for Aussie households, but finding a better deal among all the marketing jargon is rarely easy. To help solve that problem, Mozo has developed a free energy comparison tool that identifies the best value plans in your postcode.

Energy bills are one of the largest costs for Aussie households, second only to mortgage repayments or rent. Part of the reason Aussies are paying too much for their electricity and gas is that it’s so difficult to properly compare plans.

Energy discounts can be misleading

Energy deals are often discount based, with discounts of up to 40% on offer if you pay on time, pay via direct debit or choose online billing. These discounts may apply to the total bill or only the usage charges portion of it, and can be ongoing or over a fixed term. This means that a larger advertised discount does not always equal a cheaper plan.

“You have to be sure you’re comparing apples with apples,” said Mozo director Kirsty Lamont.

“It can be hard to choose between a plan with a large one-off discount and one with a smaller ongoing one when it’s not clear which is better value,” Lamont said. “And it isn’t surprising that some Aussies would prefer not to have to spend the time working it out.”

Best value energy plans deliver big savings

Mozo’s comparisons reveal a huge difference between the most and least expensive energy plans on the market, meaning thousands of Aussie households are paying more for their electricity and gas than they should be.

A typical three person household in Sydney’s Western suburbs for example could save up to $650 a year by switching to the best value plan in Mozo’s database.

“That’s why Mozo has launched it’s new energy comparison tool - to save Aussies money by helping them find the best value energy plans in their area without all the hassle and complexity,” said Lamont.

New service compares 550 energy plans to find the best deals

Mozo’s free tool compares energy plans from 26 providers and lets users input details about their household and energy usage to get a comprehensive comparison of the plans available in their area, ranked according to price.

It also solves the problem of having to decipher which discount offers the best value. Users select their payment and plan preferences, and the comparison tool takes any applicable discounts into account when generating the price estimate.

“It’s a really useful tool that gives Aussies a way to see a personalised comparison taking into account factors that will actually affect their bills,” said Lamont. “So you know you’re comparing plans on even footing, and you know you’re getting the best value you can.”

Find out how much you could save on your energy bill by heading over to Mozo’s free energy comparison tool, or by entering your postcode in the box below.


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